Honey on an Empty Stomach

Honey on an Empty Stomach

Honey has many, many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can really benefit the body in so many ways, especially honey on an empty stomach.

It is definitely my favorite all-natural sweetener and “go-to” ingredient within my natural medicine cabinet.

Raw Honey On Spoon
Raw Honey On Spoon, Source, Pixabay, Stevepb

Many people want to know, should they include more honey in their diets? Would this be a positive thing to do or not? It’s only natural to be curious.

Manuka Honey in particular has been shown to be the MOST beneficial when it comes to improving the bodies health. It is full on wonderful and powerful enzymes and nutrients to really help our bodies get healthier sooner and then stay healthier for longer.Today we take a look at some of the ways that general honey can help the body including,

• Helping to improve digestion and gut bacteria.

Manuka Honey in particular is great to helping to balance out gut bacteria and stomach acid levels.  For more information on this important topic, including information on how Manuka Honey can help with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) please click here.

Honey can help you lose weight.

Yes, it’s true. Hard to believe I know!  Honey has more calories that sugar, but it is sweeter in taste and so we consume less of it. This makes it perfect for weight loss. For more information on this specific topic, please click here.

Honey and Honey Comb
Honey, Source BlogSpot, Sarah

Honey strengthens the immune system.

Honey’s immunity strengthening ability has been the stuff of legend. Didn’t your grandmother always tell you to have a honey and hot lemon drink at the first sign of a cold? Please click here to learn how to make a honey tonic.

Honey can help reduce allergies. This is especially true if the honey is RAW and LOCAL honey. By getting the allergy (hayfever) suffer to consume honey that is both raw AND local all year round, it is hoped that they will consume small amounts of local pollens and grasses.  This would be processed via the very powerful digestive system.  It is hoped that this would help the body build up enough resistance to these pollens/grasses over the course of the year, so that by Springtime when these plants are in full bloom, the body would have hopefully built up a layer of resistance to the pollens and the Allergy suffer’s hayfever will be greatly reduced or eliminated. To learn more, click here.

To learn more about the specific benefits of having Manuka Honey over raw local honey, please click here.

To learn more about how Manuka Honey can help the body, please click here.

How do you like to have your honey at home? Do you have it in smoothies or as breakfast honey? Can you get quality raw local honey where you live or do you have to order it over the internet?

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Video Title: What Happens If You Drink Water With Honey On An Empty Stomach!    Video Author: Natural Remedies     Video Date: August 1, 2017

Honey has Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and laxative properties that prevent and fight several disorders that can affect your health.

What some people don’t know is that its effects are even better when you combine honey with some warm water.

This traditional remedy is becoming a dietary supplement for millions of people, thanks to the benefits its been shown to provide for the body.

1. Prevents urinary tract infections.

Diuretic and antibacterial properties of warm water and honey cleanse the urinary tract and reduce your risk of infections like cystitis.
Thanks to the vitamins and minerals, this combo also serves to increase the presence of antibodies and avoid viral attacks.

2. Improves digestion.

The enzymes in honey improve the function of your liver and contribute to better digestion of food.
Consuming honey protects your bacterial flora and facilitates the absorption of nutrients for maximum benefits from your meals.

3. Helps you lose weight.

Honey contains natural sugars that provide a healthy source of energy, which reduces food cravings and makes you fuller for longer so you don’t over eat.

4. Strengthens the immune system.

This beverage is full of nutrients that benefit the health of the body’s immune system.
It contains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that increase your ability to fight various types of harmful pathogens.
The antibacterial action of honey can kill microorganisms that have entered your body or are resistant to conventional antibiotics.

5. Reduces Allergies.

The consumption of organic honey reduces your sensitivity to pollen and other environmental particulates that trigger immune system responses.
As an expectorant, it facilitates the removal of mucus and promotes clearing of your airways.

6. Provides energy.

The sugars in honey are a healthy source of calories that increase your mental and physical performance.
If you try drinking water with honey instead of drinking coffee in the morning, you will eliminate those feelings of tiredness and drowsiness.
You will also be hydrating your entire body to optimize all the functions that are activated early in the day.

7. Fights cough and sore throat.

Warm water with honey is a natural tonic to lubricate dry airways or eliminate excessive phlegm.
It’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties improve the health of your lungs and prevent those continuous coughing episodes that tend to irritate the throat.

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How do you like to have your honey at home? Do you have it in smoothies or as breakfast honey? Can you get quality raw local honey where you live or do you have to order it?

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4 Replies to “Honey on an Empty Stomach”

  1. Hello Rebecca…..(or should I say, G’Day ya Bonza Shiela)
    I read your wonderful website about Australian and New Zealand honey, Manuka Honey, to be more precise. I know the benefits as I live in Australia in the Capital city of Canberra and I work in the suburb of Manuka. Anyway, back to your website… I think it’s great! Very informative too I really enjoyed the video promoting Capilano honey, which is a 100% Australian owned company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is valued at round $16.25 a share.
    Just thought you’d like to know.
    And the video by Dr. Josh Axe on the health benefits of Manuka Honey, he mentions that Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand but he doesn’t say that Australia is the largest producer of Manuka honey….. I know beekeepers that live on properties just out of Canberra and they sell the most delicious Manuka Honey, according to my wife who buys it on a regular basis. Unfortunately only my wife eats it because I am allergic to it. But your site is great!
    Well done…..

    1. Hi Roldan,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I always really appreciate it when I get to meet a Manuka Honey enthusiast like yourself.

      It’s great to hear that your wife likes Manuka honey and buys local, raw Manuka Honey in Canberra. It really is amazing for her health.

      I am genuinely sorry to hear that you are allergic to it though. What you are saying it true, unfortunately some people are allergic to raw honey. It is thought that these suffers are allergic to the Propolis (honey glue) found in raw honey. I am sorry to say that in severe cases this can even trigger an Anaphylaxis reaction. I sincerely hope that your allergy is not that strong and passes quickly.

      I can see that you like quirky facts, so I have one for you. Did you know that the wax used by Antonio Stradivari on the world famous Stradivarius Violins was reported to be the Propolis from bees wax?

      Thank you again for stopping by today.
      All the best.

  2. Honey is just such amazing stuff. So many health benefits and not to mention how delicious it is! It’s so tasty that I forget that it’s actually healthy sometimes. I love honey in my hot drinks and in my smoothies instead of sugar. It has a more interesting flavor than using sugar too which is great.

    1. Thanks Hannah. Yes, I agree honey really is wonderful stuff!  It’s great that you use it in your smoothies instead of sugar. Did you know that honey is actually really good for weight loss?

      Unbelievable I know, but it is!  Just like you said, simply substitute white processed sugar with honey in your smoothie.  Honey has more calories than white sugar, but because honey tastes sweeter than white sugar you will only need half as much, so honey wins overall.  For more information, please take a look at this great post Raw Honey and Weight Loss – The Results Will Surprise You

      Thanks for stopping by.

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