Is Honey Healthy?

Is Honey Healthy?

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In today’s topic we look at our favourite pantry item – RAW HONEY.

In today’s busy lifestyles, more and more people are pausing for a moment to ask themselves “Is Honey Healthy?”  Even pantry staples that they have been consuming day in day out for decades.

This is a perfectly natural and wonderful thing to do.  Raw Honey is nature’s sweetener made naturally from bees working away in the Hive.

To learn more about the benefits of honey, please click here.

What do you think about honey? Do you think honey it’s healthy?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

Video Title: Is Honey Healthy? 

Author: Dr. Josh Axe                               Date Published:  Jun 27, 2013

Hey Guys. Dr Axe here and welcome to the Chopping Block.  Today our guest on the Chopping Block is Honey.

Honey is a sweetener which has been used for thousands of years.  It has some health benefits and maybe some negatives along with it.  We will see if in the end, if Honey get “chopped or not?”.

Now a little bit of background on honey over the last 100 years.  Honey has been started to be bottled by BIG companies and there was a study done recently by Texas A&M University and when they went and tested 60 different brands of honey, they found that 77% of Branded honey contained no pollen what-so-ever.

The reason is that most honey today is heated and it’s ultra filtered to where what you get when you finally get it in the bottle, is no pollen.  Pollen is where most of the health benefits come from. Also they filtered out the proteins, the anti-oxidants and they damaged some of the other vital nutrients which are found in real, raw honey today.  So that’s just one of the major problems with honey today is that there is a lot of “honey fraud” going on, where when they tested companies like Wal-mart and Costco and KFC and McDonald’s they found that their honey contained ZERO pollen and ZERO of these other nutrients what-so-ever.  So there is a lot of bad honey out there.

Now lets talk about the good in honey.  Now if you look at honey and it’s found in its Raw Form (like I have in this bottle here). Raw Local honey is packed with Pollen.  Pollen can actually help you boost your immune system and help you fight allergies.

One major benefit is the immune boosting and the allergy fighting effects of honey.  Another major benefit of Raw Local Honey is that it can actually help to heal wounds.  If you get a cut on your arm or try to heal a cut, again you can put this directly on it and it again, help fight off bad bacteria in your system.  So again there are many benefits of honey.

One negative of Honey is that it does contain some sugar.  Now it’s in one of the most natural forms of sugar in fructose, but if you were  trying to burn fat or lose weight or just  get sugar out of your diet, then you probably don’t want to be consuming any sugars what-so-ever, so you may take honey off the list.

So when it comes to honey being on the Chopping Block… honey is not getting chopped.  We are keeping it here, we are keeping it whole.

Again, honey is my ABSOLUTE favourite, all-natural sweetener.  Just remember you use honey in moderation and it is staying here on the chopping block and it is not getting chopped.

Thank you from: Maximise Your Health with Dr Axe

What is your favourite way to use Honey?  How do you like to use it at home?  Do you put it on your breakfast or in your smoothie or do you bake with it.  I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas about honey in the comments below. Thank you for watching.

What do you think about honey? Do you think it’s healthy?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.



4 Replies to “Is Honey Healthy?”

  1. Hey friend,

    Thanks a lot for this great article on honey, Actually honey is my favorite sweetener as well and I like it because it is natural. And from research honey has some health benefits that makes it pretty good for the body.

    It is sad to say that people are becoming so corrupt in the world that they really wont to damage everything in the world, including natural food like honey. This really makes it a challenge so that if you wont to buy honey on the market you cannot tell which one is natural.

    But we thank God that still there are some companies that can give you the raw natural honey. As for the negative side of honey, I will say its quite interesting. Of course honey is not good for everybody, and like you said, if someone wants to loss weight then probably honey is not good for that person.

    Again I will not recommend honey for someone who has diabetes, since it contains a lot of sugar. Thank a lot for this informative article.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for visiting our website today.  Yes, I agree that Raw Honey, just like “Mother Nature” intended really is wonderful.  To learn more about the amazing benefits of Raw Honey, please click this link to see an article I wrote

      Stephen, you also made a comment regarding honey and weight loss.  New research as shown that YES, honey is actually great for weight loss – I know the results surprised me as well.  This is because Raw Honey has more calories than white raw sugar, but because it is sweeter, then we only use half as much.  So overall it is better for us.  To learn more about this surprising little known fact, please click the link to my article.

      Thanks again for stopping by to visit us again Stephen.  Please come back anytime.

  2. I’m so glad you’re not chopping honey. It is my favorite and I use it every day. I do not use sugar unless there is no honey around and in that case I may even just go without rather than eat refined sugar. What do you think of the brown sugar the natural brand that’s so popular? What about honey that still has the honey comb in it, I’ve heard that is the best one?

    1. Hi Janine,

      thank you for visiting us today.  Yes! I am happy as well that we aren’t “chopping honey”.  It is my favourite all-natural sweetener as well. 

      What do I think of the brown sugar from the natural brand? Umm.. I am not really sure. I haven’t heard of that product before sorry. I don’t think they sell it in my country.  It sounds like you enjoy it though, which is great.  I presume it must be great to bake with.  Is that correct?

      The honey in the honeycomb would best be described as Raw Honey.  I wrote an article on Raw Honey v Manuka Honey.  In it I cover all the goodness that can be found in this pure unadulterated honey.  The best part of raw honey with honeycomb is that all the heat sensitive compounds found in raw honey HAVE NOT been destroyed through over processing.  

      Examples of these helpful bio-active compounds are:

      Bee-Defensin Which is a powerful anti-bacterial agent, which is know to promote digestive health.Caffeic Acid Another phenolic compound which is a powerful anti-oxidant.Catechins Another phenolic compound which is also found in green tea.

      Raw honey with honeycomb would most likely contain propolis. Anyone with a severe bee allergy is best to avoid this product.For more information, please feel free to check out the post in full at

      Thanks again for dropping by and visiting us today, I really appreciate that.

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