Manuka Honey For Wound Care

Manuka Honey For Wound Care

People often wonder about this amazing Manuka Honey from New Zealand. What is it about this honey that makes it so effective?

Mostly, people want to know, HOW can this honey help me? I mean is Manuka Honey any good for Wound Care?

Manuka Honey for wound  care is a great question to ask, especially if you have a wound that needs healing or if your white blood cells need stimulating.

These are some of the greatest benefits you can receive if using genuine Manuka Honey to help with wound healing. Read on to learn more.

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How Manuka Honey Dressings Can Help.

• The levels of Antibacterial properties found in Manuka Honey are very, very high.
• It has a wonderful Anti-Inflammatory action.
• Manuka Honey has been shown to stimulate the bodies own immune response. It helps to stimulate white blood cells in particular and speed up the body’s response to injury/infection so as get tissue to repair the wound.

• Manuka Honey has been shown to help reduce scaring on the wounds.
• Manuka Honey is nutrient rich and delivers nutrients directly to the wound to help speed up the healing process.
• High In Glucose which is easily converted to an energy source for white blood cells to be able to clear up infection quicker.

• Manuka Honey is very successful in drawing out fluid in the wound
• Manuka Honey naturally creates a very acidic environment, which helps to kill of bacteria. Even some strains of bacteria which have proven resistant to anti-biotics.

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Professor Peter Molan, Professor In Biosciences and Director of the Honey Research Unity of Waikato University, Hamilton N.Z.

Video Title: Manuka Honey For Wound Care with Professor Peter Molan

Video Author: Manuka Health New Zealand         Date Published: Jan 18, 2012

Professor Peter Molan has shown the world how Manuka Honey can heal wounds if used in an appropriate dressing.

From the early 1990’s Professor Molan has, through his commitment and dedication, single-handedly developed the knowledge of how to use manuka honey in different types of wounds.

The Beginnings

I am Peter Molan. I am a Bio-Chemist. A Professor in Biological Sciences at the Waikato University, Hamilton New Zealand. And I am also the Director of the Honey Research Unit. I have been carrying out research on Manuka Honey for well over 25 years. Since first discovering that it has a very unusual sort of anti-bacterial activity. And the research initially was mostly on its antibacterial actions, then looking at other actions because I got very interested in certainly for more than 10 years in its use in wound healing.

Manuka Honey And Wound CareNow although I don’t have direct clinical experience other than just on family members and myself of using Manuka Honey. I do work very closely with specialist wound care nurses and have done so for a long time in developing the protocols for using Manuka Honey and for developing dressings for keeping it in place.

And what we found is, once we learned how to use the honey properly, the importance of keeping it there. And the importance of having it in contact with whole of the surface of the wound, which sometimes means putting some liquid honey in underneath the dressing so that it fills any cavities. But once we learnt that, the results have been quite amazing.

Why is Manuka Honey the Ideal Wound Dressing?

I have been asked why I think that Manuka Honey is the ideal material to use on wounds and there are many reasons for that.

Firstly, where I started the research with its Antibacterial properties.
It has a very broad spectrum of action, in fact we haven’t found any species that it doesn’t work on, and it works on ones that are resistance to anti-biotics. Which makes it very useful in treating infected wounds, because so many bacteria these days are resistant to anti-biotics.

And then, besides that anti-bacterial activity. It has a very potent anti-inflammatory activity and inflammation is what stops wounds from healing. Infection causes inflammation, but other things can cause inflammation so that anti-inflammatory activity is very important.

And then as well as having a direct effect on bacteria. It also stimulates the body’s own immune response. The white blood cells get activated. So they are more effective in helping with clearing up infection. Now that stimulation also stimulates the healing process, because it’s the response of the white blood cells to injury or infection which starts the healing process.

Manuka Honey And Wound Car V2So Manuka Honey is very effective in getting tissue to repair the wound, the wound the heal up a lot more quickly. The anti-inflammatory action is also important because it stops scaring.

So when you get disfiguring scars from a wound or an injury of any sort. That’s a result of there being too much inflammation during the healing process. And you can get “invisible mending” scar free healing if you use Manuka Honey on the wound.

Besides these actions, honey in general has the properties of providing nutrients to the wound which helps with the healing process.

Although the content of essential minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids in Manuka Honey is not high enough for it to do the sort of things and be used as a dietary supplement. All of these are present at the sort of level in the blood streams. So they are supplying directly to the tissue in a repairing wound where there is very limited blood supply. They are supplying those nutrients and very importantly and with a very high content of glucose that is in honey, is providing the essential energy source for the white blood cells to be able to get to work clearing up infection, clearing up damaged and dead tissue and starting off that healing process. Why Manuka Honey Dressings Are Ideal

Why Manuka Honey Dressings Are Ideal

• Antibacterial / overcomes anti-biotic resistance
• Anti-Inflammatory / blocks inflammation cycle
• Immunostimulatory
• Nutrient Rich
• High In Glucose
• High Osmolarity / draws out fluid
• Acidic Environment

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