Raw Honey and Weight Loss – The Results Will Surprise You

Unbelievable! Great News Yes! Raw Honey and Weight Loss Do Really Go Together.

I have some wonderful news for anyone who enjoys the taste of honey, but is also looking to lose weight. It’s true, raw honey and weight loss really do go together.

The surprising thing about raw honey is that it has recently been found to be really good for weight loss.  I am sure you would agree that this is both wonderful and very surprising news indeed!!

First, the bad news:

Raw honey has more calories than white sugar.  In a standard teaspoon, honey has 22 calories and white sugar has 16 calories.

Then the good news:

  • Honey is sweeter though and as a result, most people only consume half as much.  So it ends up being a great trade off. So to drop your calorie content per day – just swap sugar for honey.
  • Raw honey is less processed than raw sugar so it has more nutrients and healthy calories than white sugar.  That’s why it’s better for you.

 Please watch this short 5 minute video from Dr Oz to learn more.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of Manuka Honey, please click here.

Did you already know these facts about honey?  Did it surprise you?  How do you use honey in your diet at the moment?  Please feel free to leave any comments regarding honey or any suggestions regarding any future topics that you would like me to cover in the comments section below.

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Video Title: Why Honey Is Healthier Than Sugar

Video Author: The Dr Oz Show                          Date Published: Jun 19, 2014

Now you all know that I love honey because I it’s one of my all-time favourite natural remedies.  Now there is a new health finding about this ancient cure that it helps you with weight loss.  Can you believe that? Honey can actually help you lose weight.

So for everyone today with a sweet tooth. I’ve got your new sugar.

Sabina come out and join me.  Hi Dr OZ how are you?

How do you normally enjoy your sugar? Oh, I enjoy my sugar a little bit too much. I have it in my coffee every morning, usually in my oatmeal every morning and when I am drinking tea, I put it in my tea. So I really need an alternative.

Everything that you just mentioned obviously honey could work with, but let me uncover two (2) big reasons.  Walk over with me.  While you can actually replace your sugar bowl with a honey jar and you will be a happy camper.

Oh thank goodness.

I mentioned the first one, but go ahead and pull out the spoon and reveal it for everyone.  There we are. We need to put it down like this.

It actually is GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS.

Now this is breaking news.  Now I want to explain WHY it helps with weight loss.  OK

On the surface you wouldn’t expect it because they are both sweet right?  Yes.

We have a teaspoon full of honey and a teaspoon full of sugar over here. OK

Typical to what you might add to a cup of coffee or what you might use it with.

Which one do you think has more calories?

I would say probably the sugar.

Yes, most people would think that. It turns out that honey actually has more calories.  So I will put it up there. Honey has about 22 Calories per teaspoon and your regular sugar has 16 calories.  Both have pretty reasonable numbers by the way, which is why you can get away with it.

Although you think sugar is the winner, it turns out that IT IS NOT, and for an important reason.

Honey is a lot sweeter and because it’s sweeter, you only need half as much.

So it’s literally, twice as sweet, so you put half as much in there, so it turns out that it is a better caloric trade off because you use so much sugar in your life these days. All of us do as Americans, you can actually get away with a lot less calories but just replacing honey for your sugar.

Wow that is interesting.

So on the score card, honey get a bit “Ting”.

Yeah. I like that.

Most folks who watch this show try to avoid processed foods. Are you in that camp?

I try to. Yes, I think it’s better to avoid the cans and avoid eating out.  You know cooking at home.

So go ahead and pull out the spoon and show me the other reason. Because you will be a fan of it for this reason.

It’s less processed.

Honey compared to sugar.  Now this is a big deal, because we don’t think about that processing right.  You know it’s sugar. In Sugar it’s called “refining the sugar” it seems like a good thing, you know we all want to be “refined” don’t we.


But let me show you.  You know you start off with a natural product from sugar cane or beets and other sources.  So you get the sugar cane here, you know a natural source. And then the sugar is extracted from these plants and it’s put into these big vats. There are bleaching agents which are then added to it. It produces that white Chrystal material that we know as sugar. Just like that.

And of course when they box it up and package it up it finally comes to your home like this. But that processing actually strips out vitamins and minerals and proteins and of course all the fibre that was naturally present in this sweet stuff. It now becomes sugar.

That’s why we call these “empty calories”.  That’s what undermines sugar more than anything else.

Now honey is also processed, in fairness, but guess who the processors are? We are the processors? Nope!  Bees. Oh Bees.

So the honey bees are the processors and for that reason they are very careful with how they do it. They don’t strip out the nutrients. So here is what happens. The bees starts out and it finds a nice plant that it likes and sucks all the nectar out of there and gorges itself and then returns, after it’s done that, into the hive.  When it goes into the hive, it actually finds the wells and it converts it to honey (nectar). Do you notice that it’s moist. Do you notice that.  In order to dry out the honey, they flap their wings and that concentrates the honey by evaporating off all the fluid leaving all the nutrients.

There are no metal vats, there are no conveyor belts, none of this stuff that you might have otherwise expected to have been in the place.

That’s why honey I think has a lot of additional benefits and I like dark honey, because dark honey has a lot of these anti-oxidants that there have been studies looking at cancer rates, heart disease rates. Big things that we always ignore, but are important. Which is why if you go down and if you want something sweet in your life, I am pushing you towards honey.

So I want you to have raw honey.  It looks like this. It’s much thicker.

Actually that thickness is an important issue for some people. Is it important to you? Yeah I think that is important.

You take the regular honey, I will take the raw honey.

So go ahead. Show everyone the thickness of the regular honey.  OK. And we have regular honey and we have raw honey.  See the difference? One slurps away and the other one stays put.

Now it’s the raw honey you are looking for. Its keeping all the nutrients. So on my score card honey wins again.  Raw Honey.

Raw honey, yes,  Honey Wins

You can put it in a warm drink, you can put it dark honey in for that. But I have got to say a lot of folks would prefer to use honey in their baking.  Do you bake much?  I try to bake as much as I can and that takes a lot of sugar.  It does. Yes.

Or now that you know about it, you can use honey because it’s sweeter.

I’m putting a bunch of recipes on www.DoctorOz.com   Use clover honey. It is sweet but it does not over power the taste.  And you know you can use it to make cookies, and these muffins and just taste one of them and tell me if you like them or not.  Oh, they look so good.

Now as you enjoy them, just remember that you are not going to give these to small little kids right?

Infants under 12 months (1 year) of age, because there is some bacteria sometimes, good bacteria but they can be problematic for children.

Good? Yes, these are delicious. And these are made with just honey, no sugar? No sugar. Wow!  This is a great alternative. I am going to use it. Definitely.

It makes me warm inside. Thank you. Thank you very much.

 I would really enjoy hearing how you use honey everyday at home, or ways that you wish you could use honey everyday at home.  Please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today.

6 Replies to “Raw Honey and Weight Loss – The Results Will Surprise You”

  1. Interesting information on raw honey and weight loss, I do use raw honey and cinnamon in place of sugar. Both of these are healthier for you and natural sources to sweeten your foods.

    I know now to look for the darker honey, I never knew the darker was healthier for you. This has been a very positive post for me, I try to live as healthy as possible with more natural food sources than processed.

    1. Thank you Jeffrey. I am glad we could be of help today.  Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate that.  All the best living the life of your dreams.

  2. I love Manuka honey and have used it for years for my tea. I never knew it could be used for weight loss. Another great thing to add to its already impressive list of benefits! I have a question, in Arizona where I live, so many people suffer from allergies. I’ve recently heard that using local honey is advantageous for helping with the hay fever-like symptoms. Would Manuka be helpful for this as well? Thanks!

    1. Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by.  I am happy to hear that you have been using Manuka Honey for years. Well done for giving your body such an amazing treat everyday.  I hope you can tell all the goodness in every spoonful!! I am glad that you are going to explore using Manuka Honey for weight loss – the results really will surprise you!.

      I also used to have Manuka Honey “Piping Hot”. I used to put in my breakfast porridge (oats) as soon as they were ready, straight off the stove.  After some research I discovered that boiling temperatures have a sterilising effect on the honey. Raw honey is full of delicate honey specific compounds which are altered when heated.  Due to the price of quality Manuka Honey, I now only use Manuka honey “warm” or room temperature in order to maximise the nutrients I am eating.   For more information, please see my link  Manuka Honey v Raw Honey 

      Allergies.  Manuka Honey has many, many immune system boosting healthy compounds which help defend against allergies. It can be really expensive though.  Local Raw Honey is a wonderful substitute when available.  This is because it takes an AMAZING about of local flowers to produce 1 pound (or 1 kilo) or raw honey.  As such it is widely believed that some of the pollen from the flowers that “bother you” at spring time will be contained in the honey.  By eating it, you have to process small amounts of it via the digestive system which is very powerful and capable of processing many, many allergens safely.  It is believed this is how you build up your immune system to help your body fight the flowers when they are out in bloom come Springtime.  Please see your local Farmer’s Market for recommended local beekeepers.

      Please note though, Local Raw Honey is not an option for people with a “Bee Allergy” problem (especially if they require an Epi-Pen) or children under 12 months of age as it could be life threatening problem for them.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. I don’t really use honey or sugar for that matter. But sometimes I like to cheat with a desert. I wonder if you’re baking, if you could substitute sugar with honey? Would definitely be less calories, but would it still have active antioxidants? I know sometimes high temperatures can destroy nutrients in food.

    1. Hi Dave, Thanks for stopping by. You seem like you really know your stuff regarding food and nutrients.  Are you an athlete by any chance?

      How do I use honey?  I mostly use it on my oats (porridge) in the mornings or in a smoothie.  I don’t really bake with honey because of the reason you indicated – honey contains many wonderful volatile nutrients which often get destroyed when heated.  I wrote an article about this, you can read it here Manuka Honey v Raw Honey.

      Thank you again for stopping by. All the best.

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