Honey and Coconut Oil

Honey And Coconut Oil

People the whole world over are searching for more and more low cost natural remedies that they can use safely at home to help improve their health and wellbeing.

Today we are going to have a look at one possible use for Raw Honey and Coconut Oil.  We are going to use it on our hair! This simple and easy DIY remedy will leave your hair looking fabulous!

The 3 minute video today is by a vblogger by the name of Courtney Randall.  She will show us an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) version of a safe and natural hair mask.

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Text Summary of the Video: DIY Easy Coconut Honey Hair Mask with Courtney Randall.

Published: November, 16 2015

Today we are going to make a DIY Honey and coconut oil hair mask.

Not only is deep conditioning treatment super simple to make, but it is a receipe sent from heaven because it makes your hair look so soft and smooth and amazing.  And you probably already have a lot of the ingredients sitting around your house.

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So the first thing you will need for this honey, coconut hair mask, is

  • Organic, unrefined coconut oil,
  • some Organic Raw honey and
  • if you would like to add a little bit of extra shine, you can use Argan oil from Morocco.
  • Then you need some measuring spoons so we can measure the ingredients.
  • Lastly you will need a zip lock, plastic bag.

So the first thing we would want to do is to add one tablespoon coconut oil to our zip lock bag.

Coconut oil is super mosituring and really replenishes your hair. And ontop of all that, it smells amazing so that you feel like you are on a Hawaiian beach, just soaking up the sun, in paradise.

Next you need to add one tablespoon of honey into your mixture and put that into your zip lock bag.  Honey is full of anti-oxidants and nutrients that actually encourage hair growth, which is awesome if you are trying to grow your hair out long.

And lastly, you can add a few drops of Argan oil, which gives your hair more shine and even treats split ends and helps tame your frizzy hair.

Then just seal your zip lock bag and start mixing all the ingredients.  The heat from your hands will actually start melting the coconut oil so it becomes a liquid state and finally we apply it to your hair.

You can apply the mask by combing it through your hair.  With your fingers and just massage it all in.  As you can see I have mainly focussed on the end of my hair, because that is the area where my hair is the most damaged and dry.

And then you can tie your hair up in a big bun and let the mask absorb for 30 minutes.

While you are waiting you can either treat yourself and paint your nails, or you can read a book, because you are a “boss” like that or you can sing into your brush microphone and be Beyonce for a little bit.

After 30 minutes, you can shampoo and condition your hair, just as you normally would when you shower. And Whola!! Your hair will be silky smooth.

I love this hair mask because it’s 100% natural and it’s using comfortable products that you might already have in your kitchen already.  You can use this mask upto twice per week to keep your hair shinny and soft.

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